Ramey Miller, CEO


I am a lover of people. I love how each person is designed differently for unique purposes. I love to be of service to others in deeply impactful ways.
I believe my purpose in life is to inspire those struggling in their life and/or their career. This is not just a purpose, but also a life commitment. I’ve spent the majority of my career in this role, and would like to use my ten years of work experience, and six years of education to create my own coaching philosophy. Specifically, I am a trained mediator, helping people work through their differences in a productive and respectful way. Merging my Masters of Science in Economics and Human Development along with my conflict specialty,

I can help you change negative behaviors.
I’ve designed a coaching program, to challenge your mental, physical, and spiritual self in order to improve your life and/or business flow, wellness, and fulfillment.
For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to create a business that not only inspires people, but creates long-term positive inner and outer change. I’ve worked in radio, finance, home health, social work, and academia, and offer an array of life experience, education, and practical application tools.

I've also experienced pain, setbacks, and darkness in my life which fuels my coaching, making me into the positive, thriving, and fulfilled person I am today.
The inspiration of creating this program also derives from my support system. My mid-west entrepreneurial upbringing taught me how to work hard, and practice high morale standards. Family and friends are the reason why I have such a meaningful life. When not coaching, I enjoy sailing, reading while drinking coffee, hiking, trying new restaurants, and traveling.