Ramey is a thoughtful coach who is dedicated to her client’s success.  Her evidence-based approach makes her unique in the field of life-coaching. As one of her clients, I feel better knowing that the methods she teaches have consistently proven to be successful. She makes it known through her caring and professional follow-through on everything she promises that she is motivated to empower you to reach your goals.  Ramey has extraordinarily well developed active listening skills and, after a chat with Ramey, I feel as though my thoughts and feelings have been clearly understood.
— Rachael Quisel, Client
When I first contracted with Ramey for her help in running, I was getting more nervous as our scheduled appointment was drawing near. Who was I to think she would be willing to run at my beginning level? After all, wasn’t she an expert? I would surely hold her back and exert myself beyond my limits. “I’m not ready”, I told myself. She will not be able to go slow enough for me. I can honestly say, Ramey not only ran at my level (which was slow), but never made me feel like I was too slow or that I should be moving faster. The support I felt from her was overwhelming. When I apologized to her for my pace, I learned even further that she was sincere, and there to meet me exactly where I was, without any pre-conceived expectations. Talk about incentive! I couldn’t wait to meet with her again, because I felt like she wasn’t doing me a favor, but genuinely wanted to run with me. She shares knowledge from her vast interest and research in the art of running. She will often share articles or her latest recommended book to inspire you. I have found her to be a wealth of wisdom. If you are just starting to run or want to improve, I wholeheartedly recommend reaching out. You won’t be disappointed. I have recommended her to all my friends and not only is she a wonderful caring person, but she truly wants to help you to be the best person you can be. I’m so glad she became my running coach.
— Susan Moore, Client
I was at my heaviest and was working out with only videos but wasn’t seeing the results. My sister, Ramey, is an avid runner, and suggested I try it. She explained that it’s helped with her stress, and I could benefit from sweating out the stress of the day.
The first week I saw amazing results, and lost inches off my body. Ramey kept me in line, and helped with soreness by recommending stretches and other exercises. I have already lost fifteen pounds, and feel like a different person. It has already changed my life in many ways – stress management, improvement of my self-esteem, and overall life motivation. Even from California (when I’m in Illinois), she has been my biggest support and encourager.
— Sheri Miller, Client