Break it Down

Photo credit to Vani Alana Saccoccio Winick. 

Photo credit to Vani Alana Saccoccio Winick. 

Hi rundeepers!

Here's a summary of the readings for yesterday's rundeep meetup. We hope you join us next Saturday! I read from "The Next Chapter of Your Life," written by a variety of authors.

Motivational reading: 

"Although it takes tremendous courage to change old thought patters, we can help ourselves do so by adopting the little engine's phrase, "I think I can, I think I can," when we feel helpless or overwhelmed. Keeping our self-talk empowering, not panic producing, helps us do what we want to do and enhances our peace of mind immeasurably." -Sue Patton Thoele

"All you can do is all you can do, but all you can do is enough." -A.L. Williams

Focus Topic: Break down your goals, and talk positively to yourself when you feel overwhelmed

See you next week!