rundeep Workshop - Inner Strength: CHARACTER

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Hello rundeepers,

We last worked on worthiness in March at rundeep’s first workshop. We’ll continue this conversation through discussing how we can build our inner strength muscles focusing on character, aligning our beliefs more with our actions.

There's been moments of my life that I felt in my gut to help someone, ask a question in a large room full of people, stand up for someone being put down and I wish I could say that in each situation I acted.

Why don't we always listen to that nudge, that gut feeling, to act upon what we believe?

I'd love to teach on how we can determine our beliefs and how we are acting on them in our lives. This is such an important part of life because this can lead to depression, unhappiness, guilt, shame, and more if our beliefs aren't aligned with our actions.

Join me in 2 weeks on Saturday 7/13 at 6:30pm to be a part of this important conversation and teaching!

Click here to RSVP by 7/10 and cost is $5 to @Ramey-Miller via Venmo.

See you soon,

Ramey Miller

rundeep Coaching